4 Signs You Need To Be Concerned About Future Leaks On Your Roof

By paying close attention to the condition of your roof, you may be able to tell in advance if your roof is prone to developing leaks in the future. Here are five signs that your roof will give you in advance that a leak is in your future if you don’t address the issue at hand.  #1 Missing Shingles You don’t have to have any shingles missing from your roof. Even having one or two shingles blow away during a storm leaves your roof more exposed and vulnerable. If you have shingles fly off your roof, look to get them Read More →

2 Repair Jobs You Can Do On Your Metal Roof

Repairing your metal roof isn’t as easy as putting new shingles on an asphalt roof. It does take some time to make sure that it’s done correctly, but it’s worth it to make sure that it’s done correctly and that your roof’s integrity isn’t compromised in any way. Before You Start Before you do any repair work on your roof, there are a couple of things that you need to do. One is to check to see if you have any warranty paperwork from the original installation of the roof. The other is to ensure your safety. You really don’t Read More →

Do the Environment a Favor: Opt for a Metal Roof

It’s everyone’s duty to preserve the earth, but it’s not always easy to make sustainable choices when remodeling or updating your home. Green building materials are not always attractive or affordable, even if you know they’re the right choice. One exception is when it comes to your roof. Metal roofing, which is attractive, affordable, and long-lasting, also happens to be a wise choice for the environment. Here’s why. Metal roofs are typically made from recycled materials. Few other residential roofing types are made from recycled goods or sustainable materials. Wooden shakes, for instance, are made from trees. Asphalt shingles are Read More →