New Roof Gutters Under A Tree? Use Guard Gutters To Keep The Gutters Cleaned Out

If you have installed new gutters on your roof and part of them are under a tree, you likely have problems with leaves building up on a regular basis. This can get very frustrating and time consuming. If you do not keep your gutters cleared out water will back up and this water will eventually get under the roof. Once this happens, it can cause a lot of damage to your roof and can even cause damage in your attic. Below is some information on how you can prevent this from happening. Gutter Guards One of the easiest ways to Read More →

2 Victorian House Styles That Work Well With Slate Roofing

Victorian-inspired architecture runs a wide gamut of styles from the simplistic Folk Victorian to the regal Italianate. Understanding the style of your particular Victorian home can help determine the best kind of roofing material for your roofing repair or replacement project. There are three Victorian house styles in particular that work well with the elegant, low-maintenance but high-cost slate tile roofing. If you own one of the Victorian house styles mentioned below, discuss slate roofing as a potential material with your roofing contractors. Gothic Revival Victorian Gothic Revival Victorians combine the asymmetrical layout of the Victorian home with the stone Read More →

3 Victorian House Styles Well-Suited For Wooden Shakes Or Shingles

The words “Victorian home” might bring to mind a large, stately home with an asymmetrical shape and a dramatic mansard roof. But Victorians come in a variety of shapes and styles that can make it difficult to pin down the best roofing material for your particular house style. There are three types of Victorians, in particular, that are well-suited to wooden roofing material like shakes or shingles. What are the Victorian homes that pair well with wood roofing – and why should you discuss this material with your roofing installation contractors? Here’s what to keep in mind. Eastlake Victorian Eastlake Read More →